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At Puppets and Puppets we strive for non abundance.

At Puppets and Puppets we strive for non abundance. We aim to minimize waste and control our consumption. We value scarcity, appreciate what we have, and carefully care for what we purchase and own. We operate within a community that feels similarly. We are here to help you care for your garments and build a better relationship with hand crafted pieces. 

Materials & Partners

When selecting our materials we prefer new, as well as preloved, yarns with recycled and organic contents. Our wool comes from certified mills that meet the Responsible Wool Standard. Our cotton yarns are made with pre-consumer regenerated materials. 

We aim to push our research and development even further— partner with mills that produce carbon positive materials and establish circularity within our own supply chain.

We prioritize working with women led businesses that fairly employ and promote artisans and craftswomen. We source our materials to geographically match our factories. So far, we have established these strong working relationships in Peru, Bolivia, and Italy.

Sustainable goals & challenges

2020 was a year of realization and struggle for our entire planet. It was also the first year we launched Puppets and Puppets production. Now more than ever, it is clear that fashion must strive for responsible manufacturing and we are proud to be part of that conversation.

We are currently focused on limited quantities, limited material consumption, and working with mostly stock service— these are ways fashion can minimize waste and energy.

In the past, fashion vendors have pushed for high minimums which often leads to high garment waste. We are committed to working towards a completely sustainable practice. We hope the rest of the industry does the same.

Our packaging consists of 100% recycled paper/recycled contents. We try our best to use as little plastic as possible.

We aim to collaborate with more sustainable businesses in the future that can help us execute our ideas and help us evolve. 

We hope you will embark on this journey of education, design, and accountability with us.

If you have any advice, contacts, or questions please feel free to reach out to